About Mercs

The Mercs are part of the Special Ops Team called upon to organize and train units, and assist in the completion of tasks as a unit. They are required to perform specific tasks under extreme circumstances. Staying in a well planned formation, they will engage and execute assigned missions whether it requires stealth or speed. In addition to special ops, the Mercs are relied upon for their expertise in demolition. Demolition skills include the use of air cannons, mines, and satchel charges needed in completion of the assigned missions. The Mercs are required to abide by all existing rules of safety, conduct, and good sportsmanship. The Mercs also assist other teams on the battlefield when called upon.


The capabilities of the Mercs permits the unit to advance to assigned missions before the other teams units and reach beyond the range of other unit’s tasks and missions.


  • Capabilities.
    1. Special intelligence task to locate opposing units and key targets.
    2. To invade and destroy in the element of surprise.
    3. Diversionary tactics against enemy forces to support other team’s missions.
    4. Securing an area for larger forces to occupy.